Progress Report #1

Well, it’s been a busy summer and progress on THE BONESETTER is moving along at a pretty good clip.  This has been the season of research and education on many fronts.  I’m learning a great deal about myself as a creator and it’s been quite an eye-opening experience.

The state of the industry

I went to my first comic book convention in 10 years.  I hear that comic book sales are nowhere close to what they were in the 1990’s, but the sheer volume of fans at this year’s Toronto Fan Expo shows otherwise. image[3] Fan Expo was a shoulder-to-shoulder experience that was simply incredible.  I attended the convention to mainly check it out, and wow, it was quite the scene.  The days of the lone comic book fan are over.

A comic book fan is the same person that loves popular movies, television and video games alike.  It felt like things are finally coming together as a synchronized pop culture orchestra where everyone gets to play their own respective instrument.  I had a great time, with my limited budget, I had some cards and t-shirts printed for friends and family to wear at Fan Expo. A small but effective way to promote THE BONESETTER.NET.


I’m enjoying the writing process, especially the craft of dialogue.  It’s fun to create unique character personalities and allow their banter to help move a story through its acts.  THE BONESETTER takes place during the late 1800’s, after the American Civil War.  I’m having a great time injecting the slang and dialect of the era into the appropriate characters and situations.


There was a moment where I was struggling to keep up with my own deadlines for the graphic novel.  I weighed the options of hiring help and spent a few weeks looking for a color artist for THE BONESETTER.  I had an amazing response from dozens of talented folks.  In the end, I think the whole process forced me to re-think how I wanted the color to reflect the story, and really propel the mood and emotion of THE BONESETTER.  I decided that my style of heavy inks and rendering would benefit from a process of ink-wash and a limited/saturated color palette.

Things are really coming together with the graphic novel.  All the tests are complete, the research phase is over. The next time I post to thebonesetter.net will be hopefully, fingers crossed…samples of the first 6 pages. WP_Clr

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