Character Development – Visual Foreshadowing

Character Development – Visual Foreshadowing

Character Development – Visual Foreshadowing

I’m well into the development of THE BONESETTER from a scripting perspective.  Things are beginning to take shape.  I can envision the personalities and emotions of each character.  As the story changes and evolves with each re-write or edit, the characters change in motive, thoughts and actions.

My lead character has been altered in design 3-4 times now.  It’s not that I mean to re-create and tweak his appearance due to some kind of creative narcissism. That would be the easy way out.  The characters must grow and change to meet the needs of that shifting eight-point story arc.

When my protagonist steps up to the critical choice in the story, that crucial decision…the impact will change him forever.  We’ll find out exactly who he is, as real personalities are revealed at moments of high stress and emotion.  The characters appearance will also be defined by the choices he makes.  If he goes through hell, he should look like hell.20140520-224856-82136414.jpg

In the movie THE ROAD, there is a scene where Vigo Mortensen’s character takes a hard look at himself in a reflection.  The audience witnesses his pain and suffering as the character exposes his anorexic ribcage.  This quickly connects us to the mystery of is his past and hints of future conflict.  He’s been through an ordeal and it’s written in his features and expression.  This is some of the best visual foreshadowing that I can only strive for with my own characters and artwork.

Here is a look at the evolution of my main character, John Cathal.





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